Your Election 2015 PositionDial: Do you care?

Do you care who wins in the upcoming General Election?

According to a study released over the weekend by BBC Newsbeat – 60% of young people do – but less than half are registered to vote.


 There’s still time, the deadline to register is 20th April and it takes five minutes.

Where do you stand, and who matches?


So far 20% of active visitors to PositionDial are getting their Election 2015 PositionDial – which gives you your top party matches.

Whether or not you intend to vote, it’s well worth seeing who’s most in line with you…

You might be surprised who you get… or pleased enough to share 🙂

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A shinier PositionDial..

Today we launch a newly redesigned PositionDial – as we start preparing for the impending UK General election.

More on that from us here soon, but in the meantime, please take the time to browse around and…

  • Tell us if you spot any bugs
  • Tell us what you think, generally,
  • Check out our new antibod feature (see the opposite to your worldview) – you get the best out of this if you sign-in.

In case you’ve already forgotten what it was like before –


PositionDial and #Innotech2014: Legislating for LulzSec: privacy, data & policy


Tomorrow the much anticipated Innotech Summit takes place – on legislating for LulzSec: privacy, data & policy.  Still time to get tickets!

We’re proudly partnering with Innotech to help everyone engage on key issues covered by the Summit, first of all online voting.

You can work out where you stand via an embedded PositionDial experience (including videos) over on the Innotech website. (And don’t forget to register with us to store and keep building your PositionDial).




More about the #Innotech2014 event

Tomorrow’s Innotech Summit will host a discussion focusing on cybercrime, digital over-skill, the ethics of hacking, the role of government in legalising and prosecuting, and what rights companies have to own and use our personal data. Speakers will include:

  • Dr Jamie Saunders, Director of the National Cyber Crime Unit at the National Crime Agency
  • Jake Davis, a former hacker who was part of the Internet group Anonymous
  • Russ Shaw, the founder of London Tech Advocates
  • Lord Alexander Carlile, Liberal Democrat in the House of Lords and one of Britain’s top legal expert
  • The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, will also give a short address to the summit

Jennifer Arcuri, founder of the Innotech Summit said “This latest Innotech Summit provides us with a unique opportunity to bring together policy makers and tech entrepreneurs to discuss some of the most pressing issues which face the digital economy.”

Watch this space for more on our collaboration with Innotech.

What’s your #IndyRef filter bubble?

Is there an #IndyRef filter bubble, and does this matter?

Let’s do one of those cheesy audience participation bits. Just think about where you stand on the Scottish Referendum, or indeed Israel or any other issue you’re passionate about. And see what’s popping up in your Twitter recommendations. (Top right if you’re logged in on Here’s ours a couple of weeks ago when I first drafted this 😮

Blog Yes Filter Bubble

The filter bubble was first described by Eli Pariser as this problem where the more we search, follow and like, the more the social web and search engine we use tailors what we see…

It’s early days for PositionDial and we’re building a core audience of people (mainly in the UK to start) who have a position on the big issues.  We try really, really hard to follow and bring in members and voices on all sides of the spectrum.


Perhaps understandably, from the beginning, Scottish Independence has been one of our hot topics. And it has been the ‘Yes’ crowd who has engaged with us most on Twitter (although this piece saying Tony Benn hoped Scotland would remain part of the UK, has been one of the most popular we’ve shared).

41  Twitter

Today, this is our recommendations. Love Twitter – don’t want to knock it. But can there possibly be more proof that the filter bubble is real, and we are all in it, even when we’re trying really hard not to be? And what does this mean for democracy in a debate of such importance? Shouldn’t we actually be following and listening to people who don’t agree with us all the time, too?

Right. I’m off to seek some undecideds , some “No thanks-ers” – and even some Naw-ers. I’ll tell you on Twitter if it works…!


Your PositionDial: deconstructed

We get quite a few people having loads of fun playing around with their PositionDial but not quite understanding what the inner versus the outer circles mean. Awkward.

And what’s in the middle, you ask?

So sorry it’s not been super-clear.

Here especially for you is a diagram to explain how it all breaks out. We’re also throwing it up on the about page.

dial deconstructed

It’s not the most beautiful infograph you’ve ever seen (mostly because I made it) … but hopefully it does the job for now…


Seeing the different sides on PositionDial


We’ve made an update today to make it easier to keep track of reading / watching the different sides of the story via PositionDial.


You’ve told us seeing different perspectives in one place is what you want most. From today you will be able to see how many you’ve seen, easily, via a tick top left on the media window of items you’ve visited.   Workers in Scotland forced to turn to foodbanks

For registered, logged in users, this will carry with you from visit to visit.  (We’re also planning to provide you with a full article history, like your statement history, soon.)


We have also introduced a new red arrow icon to show when a media item is viewable offsite, rather than on PositionDial.


The red arrow appears top right on the media window. You can find out more about why items are shown on or offsite in our FAQ. And as always do keep your feedback, media and blog suggestions coming!

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PositionDial live at the Fikay Fashion Foundation Launch!

Fikay Foundation Fashion Show Fikay bag

PositionDial proudly supported the recent Fikay Fashion Foundation launch. Guests interacted live throughout the night at a special PositionDial page created for the event.

PositionDial for Fikay

The event brought to life the Fikay brand and the purpose behind its new Fashion Foundation

“Fikay Fashion is here to lift people out of poverty and bring colour to peoples lives. Wear it. Look good. Do good”

Fikay  download (3)

The Fashion show on the night showcased Fikay’s upcycled accessories and bags, including wallets and guitar cases:

Fikay Fikay

We worked with Karlo, Co-founder and event organiser, to develop a series of highly relevant statements for event attendees to respond to. Helping them get closer and respond to the issues Fikay cares about, by clicking to get their PositionDials:

Fikay PositionDial

“Enabling our attendees to engage via PositionDial helped people think and interact about the issues that matter to us most, ranging from Employment to Empowerment to Education – the three E’s we believe have the power to break the cycle of poverty and make a real change in this world. A cause and purpose that stretches far beyond your average fashion brand…”

Karlo Faggetter, Fikay Co-founder 

If you’re interested in engaging your event guests via a custom PositionDial experience please email me – mariam @

Photo credit (all event photos):  Aleksandra Jordan

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