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Your Election 2015 PositionDial: Do you care?

Do you care who wins in the upcoming General Election?

According to a study released over the weekend by BBC Newsbeat – 60% of young people do – but less than half are registered to vote.


 There’s still time, the deadline to register is 20th April and it takes five minutes.

Where do you stand, and who matches?


So far 20% of active visitors to PositionDial are getting their Election 2015 PositionDial – which gives you your top party matches.

Whether or not you intend to vote, it’s well worth seeing who’s most in line with you…

You might be surprised who you get… or pleased enough to share 🙂

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A shinier PositionDial..

Today we launch a newly redesigned PositionDial – as we start preparing for the impending UK General election.

More on that from us here soon, but in the meantime, please take the time to browse around and…

  • Tell us if you spot any bugs
  • Tell us what you think, generally,
  • Check out our new antibod feature (see the opposite to your worldview) – you get the best out of this if you sign-in.

In case you’ve already forgotten what it was like before –